Diary of Aya: A Supermodel’s Beach Workout

Dear Diary,

Today was exhilarating! As a supermodel, staying fit is crucial, and my favorite way to exercise is at the beach. The combination of the sun, sand, and sea always leaves me feeling refreshed and energized. Let me tell you all about my wonderful day.

Morning: Sunrise Serenity

I woke up early, around 5:30 AM, to catch the sunrise. There’s something magical about the first light of day, and it’s even more breathtaking at the beach. After a quick breakfast of yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit, I slipped into my favorite workout gear – a vibrant turquoise sports bra and matching leggings. I grabbed my yoga mat, and a water bottle, and headed out.

The beach was quiet, with only a few joggers and early risers enjoying the serenity. I laid out my mat near the shoreline, close enough to feel the mist of the waves but far enough to stay dry. As the sun began to rise, I started my morning yoga routine. The sound of the waves crashing gently against the shore was the perfect background for my practice. I moved through my poses, feeling the stretch in my muscles and the calmness in my mind.