Diary of Mei: An Evening with Asian Movie Dramas

Dear Diary,

Today was one of those rare, blissful days where I had nothing urgent to do and could indulge in my favorite pastime: watching Asian dramas. Let me take you through my drama-filled day.

Morning: Anticipation and Preparation

I woke up later than usual, around 8:30 AM. The sunlight was already streaming through the curtains, gently nudging me awake. I stretched and yawned, feeling a delightful sense of freedom. No school today, just a day to relax and enjoy.

After a quick breakfast of toast and fruit, I decided to tidy up my room. It’s always nicer to watch dramas in a clean, cozy space. I rearranged my pillows, straightened up my desk, and made sure my favorite plushie, a cute Shiba Inu, was sitting comfortably next to me on the bed.